Mentone Grammar takes great pride in celebrating the success and achievements of our students across academic, sporting, creative and personal pursuits. 

Extraordinary outcomes in an extraordinary year!

The Mentone Grammar Community celebrates the graduating Class of 2020 for its incredible achievements, dedication and determination throughout the year which is reflected in our VCE results.

Principal, Mal Cater, said, “The Class of 2020 students have achieved very pleasing outcomes both in their academic performance and in all that they have brought to the School over the years. We are incredibly proud of the fine young people who have graduated as the Class of 2020.

I commend the staff who worked with these students throughout their journey here at Mentone Grammar.”

Class of 2020 VCE Results

  • Median ATAR 84
  • 60% ATARs over 80
  • 30% ATARs over 90 – Top 10% in Australia
  • 13% ATARs over 95 – Top 5% in Australia
  • 7 Study Scores over 50
  • Median Study Score 34
  • Dux - Akul Saigal (99.7)

Mentone Grammar VCAL students also performed strongly, creating meaningful pathways for the future. The Class of 2020 achieved highly in public speaking and debating competitions, performed outstandingly in reimagined online drama, dance and music performances and participated in wellbeing mentor sessions, helping to guide younger students through their off-site learning experience.

“Most importantly, our Class of 2020 have graduated as Happy, Healthy and High Achieving young people”

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